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Air Fantastic WashYourAir Ion Technology  

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   Benefits of our GREEN Sanitizing Technology:

    ● WashYourAir Ion Technology is a dry hydroperoxide wash of indoor air.

    ● WashYourAir Ion Technology helps create a safe and healthy environment.

    ● Reduces up to 99% of Airborne Microbial (airborne mold, fungus, & bacteria). W Texas A&M Report

    ● Reduces up to 99% of Airborne Particulates (dust, pollen, allergen, dander).   W Texas A&M Report

    ● Reduces up to 60% of Formaldehyde in 24 hours.

    ● Quickly reduces Toxic VOC fumes from paint, new carpet, and furniture.

    ● Reduces up to 80% of Surface Bacteria in 24 hours. (Performed with AF3000).

    ● Breaks down practically any Odor* on the molecular level including musty odor, flood

       odor, cigarette smoke, pet odor, cat urine, dead rat/mice, & ethnic cooking.

       * For extreme odors, purchase stronger unit or allow longer time to eliminate the odor.

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Air Fantastic machines

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Oldest 1995~2005

Now & Future

Typical Air Filters (HEPA) Recent Air Purifiers

Indoor Environmental Sanitizers

Developed in WWII to capture radio-

   active particles (Manhattan project).



Traps dust & particulate in filter.

Gas contaminants get trapped in

   charcoal with additional charcoal filter.



Treats only small area  ~500 sq ft.

Effectiveness varies and sometimes is

   not noticeable.

Very limited in reducing odors.

A HEPA filter is basically a paper filter.

Requires constant filter change.

Very noisy on high settings.

Uses high level of power to operate.

Requires constant filter change.

Particles with odors are trapped in the

   filter and may spread odor throughout


Does not kill bacteria only traps them.

May promote mold and bacteria growth

   on the filter if significant levels are


Outdated technology (developed WWII).








Collects particulate on blades.

Requires no filters & uses little


Totally silent operation.



Treats only small area  ~500 sq ft.

Machine becomes less effective over

   time since metal plate become dirty.

Consumer Reports reported that

   Sharper Image's Ionic Breeze

   Quadra Silent Air Purifier and four

   similar machines failed  to

   significantly clean the air.


Not successful in removing odors.


GREEN Technology:

   For example: our commercial A/C probe

      unit (CAP7000) can cover large area of up

      to 7000 sq ft  with minimal energy ~40W.

   ● Filterless. No filters to fill up landfills.

   ● Eliminates odors without toxic chemical

      such as air fresheners, plug-ins, or sprays.

   Kills bacteria naturally (oxidation) without

      using anti-bacterial agents (pharmaceutical)

      that may promote drug resistant super



Excellent performance in reducing odors not

   only from the air but also from the contents of

   the home.

Breaks down (not mask) virtually any odor

   including musty/flood odor, pet, urine, trash,

   cigarette, dead mice, ethnic cooking.

   Note: For extreme odors, please purchase a

            stronger unit or allow longer time to

            eliminate odor.

Reduces particulates, dust, pollen, dander by

   up to 99%. W Texas A&M Report

Reduces airborne microbial (airborne

   mold, fungus, and bacteria) by up to 99%.

    W Texas A&M Report

Formaldehyde reduction by 60% in 24 hours.

Quickly reduces Volatile Organic Compounds

   (VOCs) from paint, carpet, furniture, building

   material, household cleaners, & chemicals.

Whisper quiet operation. No noise.

Quad Cell (lamp) life is 36 month.

No routine maintenance is required.



Does not physically trap dust and particles

   inside the machine.  (Particles are neutralized

   and fall to the ground).


How are the WashYourAir Ions produces naturally?

Natural Source   Generate Ions   Cleansing Process   Reverts  to air

Air (O2)







 Hydro-peroxide (H2O2)

 Hydroxyl Radical (HOo)

 Super Oxide Ion (O2-)

 Ozonide Ion (O3-)




Air & Moisture

 passes over ion cell.



Air & Moisture is converted into four "friendly oxidizers"



Four Ions reduce

contaminants in the air and on the surface naturally.



Friendly Oxidizer reverts

back to Oxygen after the

cleansing process.



West Texas A&M University Test Data



The Air Fantastic™ Quadruple Ions proven to reduce dust, particulates, pollen, and allergen from the air.  Tested at West Texas A&M University with a reduction of all particulates of up to 99%


AIRBORNE MICROBIAL (Airborne Mold, Fungus, & Bacteria)

The Air Fantastic™ Quadruple Ions proven to reduce Airborne Mold, Fungus, and Bacteria from the air.  Quickly removes and sanitizes SMELLY OLD BUILDING  ODORS.   Tested at West Texas A&M University with a reduction of all particulates of up to 99%:



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