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On-site Odor Removal Service

 Residential/Commercial/Real Estate

Odor-B-Gone Service

(Central Texas Area Only)

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Air Fantastic® quadruple ion technology totally and permanently destroys all odors on the molecular level (not just covers up or mask odors).  Requires on-site inspection & consultation for guarantee.

One time or continuous odor removal process available.

● More powerful and effective than ozone only or enzyme treatments.

● Permanently eliminates ALL ODORS including:

Cat urine        Human urine             Cigarette/cigar smoke    All pet odors

Dead rat         Musty/mold odors     Old building smell           Paint fume

Dead body     New carpet fume      Flood related odor          Ethnic food

VOCs              Fire related odor      New house chemical odor

Our Satisfied Customers

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Sewer Odor - University Crest Apt. (Austin)

“A sewer pipe collapsed and four units had the sewage back up into the apartment.  100% of the nasty sewer odor completely vanished.”

          Carmen N. 


Cigarette Smoke

“I am selling my home and during an open house somebody commented that there is a smoke odor ....”



“Mark’s service dramatically improved the condition (cigarette smoke) of my client’s home so that it sold within a 14 day period after treatment.  The home had been on the market for  several months before the treatment.”

              Jeanne Ann Klein (Keller Williams)


See Video

"CSI" Related Odor

“There was an unexpected death (3 days) in one of our dorm rooms.  After treatment, it smelled like rocky mountain to the 10th power”

          Ken M. (Taos Co-op Dorm U.T.)


Older Home with strong musty moldy odor

“Air Fantastic managed to take an older musty smelling house and make it smell like a new house within a couple of days .  I would highly recommend to anybody that has an odor of unexplained source or having air that doesn’t smell like it should  in your house, office or business.” 

         Scott Joslove 


Hotel Solution - Days Inn (Round Rock, TX)

“When we tried out this unit, the results were amazing.  We decided to put a unit in every room and feel that it is an advantage over our competitors”

          Surren Suthar



Real Estate 101: Wasted time & Lost Equity due to Odor

Obnoxious odors may reduce the value of your home by 5 to 25% or even worse yet, not sell at all!!   This can cost you tens of thousands of dollars!


Other companies like to use chemicals to treat odors.  Chemicals do not get rid of the odor but only cover them up.   Enzyme treatments usually are not effective in removing odors.


About Ozone treatments.   Ozone is also an ion treatment, however, ozone by itself is usually too weak to break down most odors.   Typically, ozone masks the odor, but does not remove the odor.


Air Fantastic uses multiple technologies to destroy odors in your home or business.  This includes a powerful quadruple ion technology that is all natural.  Our process actually breaks down the contaminant so that it can not return and leaves no residue.  Call for a free phone consultation.  





4 Steps to our Odor-B-Gone Service

1. Call (512) TX-CLEAR (892-5327).


2. Give information:

    ● Type of odor             ● Size of area (sq ft)        ● Age of property

    ● Address                    ● Occupied/Unoccupied


3. Set up appointment.


4. Pay with Credit Card (MC, Visa, AMEX, Discover)



 Toll Free Phone (877) 424-7326 

                   Fax   (512) 891-9824     

Central Texas (512) 892-5327

Email: markm@airfantastic.com


Hours of Operation: Monday-Sunday 9:00AM-8:00PM CST

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