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Company Mission

Air Fantastic creating a Healthy Indoor Environment for Everyone!

Germs are getting increasingly more dangerous causing sometime worldwide problems. The Mayo Clinic has proven that average airborne fungus is the root cause for chronic sinusitis for 37 million Americans. Hospitals are struggling with dangerous anti-biotic resistant surface bacteria such as MRSA effecting tens of thousands every year killing up to 19,000 per year.


Air Fantastic is committed to educate and use WashYourAir technology to drastically improve the indoor environment for homes and businesses to help create a healthy refreshing clean environment without using any chemicals or filters. Air Fantastic WashYourAir ion have been proven to reduce airborne microbial (up to 99% - see below), airborne particulates (up to 99%), almost all odors, Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs), and reduce the deadly anti-biotic resistant surface bacteria, MRSA.


Up to 99% airborne microbial reduction in just 3 days!

Without Air Fantastic

With Air Fantastic

(Same home after 2 weeks)

With Air Fantastic

(Same home after 6 months)

• Airborne Microbial Test of Austin home with 3 dogs, 1 cat, and (according to him) a teenager!

Educating the dangers of Today's Indoor Environment

Before the 1900s, millions would die around the world from waterborne diseases such as typhoid and cholera due to the lack of modern water sanitization. Everyone now knows the importance of drinking only sanitized water and not directly from stream to prevent getting these waterborne diseases. Unfortunately, this is not case for threats that exist in the air and surface inside a building.


Yet today, many diseases are spread via the air and surface by going into common indoor areas that are saturated with airborne bacteria & mold, allergens, chemicals (VOC), and dangerous surfaces germs such as MRSA. Hospital, Nursing Homes, and other care facilities are battling dangerous outbreaks of the MRSA bacteria. Air Fantastic technology has been tested in independent university test studies to reduce airborne microbial & particulates, and MRSA. We believe the importance of educating the public of the dangers of indoor contaminants and the widespread use of WashYourAir ions for all indoor environment would help prevent the common illnesses related to indoor contaminants.

Air Fantastic Cares

Currently Air Fantastic offers a discount off our units for trade-in of certain air purifier. These units are refurbished, upgraded with Air Fantastic technology and sometimes resold at a discount. Air Fantastic would like to partner up with a non-profit organization to donate a limited number of machines per month to distribute to people who could benefit from Air Fantastic's WashYourAir technology. For example, a non-profit that helps cancer patient who have compromised immune system due to chemotherapy.

WashYourAir™ and Germs

WashYourAir™ Testimonials

“First, I would just like to say thank you. My daughter has been sick since we moved here due to allergies. I was spending close to $300 per month in doctors bills. Since having the machine, she has had a complete turn around. No more doctors. My other daughter was born with Respiratory Syncytial Virus (RSV) and has had breathing problems for 11 years. Now with this machine, she can breathe easier and sleep through the night. Thank you Air Fantastic. You save our family’s health.”

Ginger H.

Austin, TX

AF3000 Owner

"The unit is in our kitchen on top the refrigerator. We had fried fish for dinner and the smell was gone almost right away."

Cindy B.

Des Moines, IA

AF3000 Owner