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Total Odor Elimination

Today Odor Problems

  • Living with horrible odors is never fun and actually might be an indication of some type of unhealthy contamination.
  • Bad odors in businesses can ruin a business's reputation, customer satisfaction, and repeat business.
  • Most current deodorizing technology use chemicals that only mask odors and sometimes makes the odor problem worse. Some chemical deodorizers are dangerous and can also cause cancer.
  • Once odors get established in a room, it is very difficult to get rid of the odor.
  • Odor accidents from smoking, pet accident, vomiting, and urination can sometimes remain permanent in the home or business.

  • Air Fantastic's WashYourAir machines eliminate odors 24 hours a day!


    • Air Fantastic's WashYourAirTM Ions actually break down odors on the molecular level creating a wonderful odor free environment.
    • Stop contaminating your air with chemical deodorizers that only mask the odor. Wash Your Air with Air Fantastic cleansing ions and get rid of the odor completely.
    • The AF1000, AF3000 or AF4000 are excellent machines that are only 15.5" tall and are perfect of Residential.
    • The CAP3000 HVAC probes great for the average residential home or the CAP5000 for very large residential homes.
    • The CAP5000 HVAC probe installs easily into your business heating and air conditioning system creating a health and odor free environment
    • Allergy Friendly!! WashYourAir has been proven by a independent university test study to reduce up to 99% of airborne microbial and particulates.
    • Try it today! 30 day 100% money back guarantee on the residential stand-alone machines such as the AF1000, AF3000, or AF4000.

WashYourAir™ and Germs

WashYourAir™ Testimonials

“First, I would just like to say thank you. My daughter has been sick since we moved here due to allergies. I was spending close to $300 per month in doctors bills. Since having the machine, she has had a complete turn around. No more doctors. My other daughter was born with Respiratory Syncytial Virus (RSV) and has had breathing problems for 11 years. Now with this machine, she can breathe easier and sleep through the night. Thank you Air Fantastic. You save our family’s health.”

Ginger H.

Austin, TX

AF3000 Owner

"The unit is in our kitchen on top the refrigerator. We had fried fish for dinner and the smell was gone almost right away."

Cindy B.

Des Moines, IA

AF3000 Owner