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Bar & Casino Cigarette Smoke Odor Solutions

Smoke vs. Bar & Casino Conundrum

  • In some industries (i.e. bars & casinos) customers are allow to smoke cigarette and cigars indoors mainly due to the long history and tradition of smoking at these types of establishments.
  • However, this can also drastically reduce profit by turning away non-smoker who find a smoke filled environment unacceptable or smoking customers avoiding smoke-free businesses.
  • With proper configuration, Air Fantastic's WashYourAir ions can create a "virtual" clean & clear smoke-free environment within a smoking establishment.

Converts your HVAC system into a Fantastic Smoke Eater!


  • Air Fantastic's CAP5000 (Central Air Purifier) HVAC probes turns your HVAC system into an incredible state of the art smoke eater (covers: 500~800 ft2).
  • Air Fantastic's WashYourAir ions help break down the chemical components of the cigarette smoke and a university test study has proven up to 99% particulates reduction (W. Texas A&M University).
  • Don't buy a big ugly noisy Traditional Smoke Eater. Convert your HVAC into a Smoke Eater!
  • WashYourAir replicates the same natural cleaning that occurs outside to eliminate the smoke.
  • The cleaning actions occurs in the air inside not at the unit. As soon as the smoke is exhaled the ions start cleaning at the source!
  • Excellent odor control since it is actually breaking down Volatile Organic Components (VOCs) not just absorb them.
  • Excellent in clearing the air by neutralizing particulates making them fall to the ground quickly.

Why is Cigarette Smoke so Dangerous? (Source: American Lung Association)

  • There are approximately 600 ingredients in cigarettes (not just tobacco and paper!).
  • 69 of these ingredients are chemicals know to cause cancer and many are poisonous.
  • Cigarette smoke has more the 7,000 chemicals, such as:
    Acetone (nail polish remover), Acetic Acid (in hair dye), Ammonia (common household cleaner), Arsenic (rat poison), Benzene (in rubber cement), Butane (in lighter fluid), Cadmium (in battery acid), Carbon Monoxide (in car exhaust fumes), Formaldehyde (embalming fluid), Hexamine (in barbecue lighter fluid), Lead (in batteries), Naphthalene (in moth balls), Methanol (in rocket fuel), Nicotine (in insecticide), Tar (material for paving roads), Toluene (used to manufacture paint), and many other nasty chemicals.

Traditional Smoke Eaters (Ineffective & Expensive)

  • Traditional Smoke Eaters tend to be ineffective and in some cases useless since they are primarily only trapping some of the physical dust components of cigarette smoke and do not reduce the chemical or gas components of the cigarette smoke.
  • Filter Based Smoke Eater require expensive weekly filter changes that may cost over $5k per bar.
  • Electrostatic percipitator Smoke Eaters require constant labor-intensive cleaning of very messy dirty filters.

Save $100K to $500k with Air Fantastic CAP5000 over Traditional Smoke Eaters

SPECS & COSTS             Air Fantastic
                Filter Only
             CM-11 Deluxe
Technology WashYourAir Ions
(Four Ions)
HEPA & Carbon Filter
Ozone Generator No No No
How doest it clean? Ions cause air to clean itself Cleaning only by plate collector & absorption Cleaning only by filter absorption
Cleaning Action Not dependent on
clean filters & air flow
Dependent on clean filters & air flow Dependent on clean filters & air flow
Installation Easily installs into duct Major installation Major installation
Filter Technology No Washable &
Disposable Carbon
Prefilter, HEPA,
Carbon (9 or 44 lbs.)
Coverage Area (per unit) ~500 ft2
(~46.5 m2)
~500 ft2
(~46.5 m2)
~375 ft2
(~34.8 m2)
Noise Level 0 dBA
(Totally Silent)
59 to 69 dBA
(Very Loud on Hi)
59 to 69 dBA
(Very Loud on Hi)
Dimensions (inches) 16 X 5 DIA
(Installs in HVAC duct)
39 X 22 X 14 39 X 22 X 14
Power 18W
(~97% less power!)
(high power requirement)
(high power requirement)
Electricity 26 VDC
(110~240VAC or
26VAC HVAC control)
(220VAC available)
(220VAC available)
Weekly Maintenance None Messy Filter Washing Carbon Change (~4 days) Prefilter Washing
Annual Maintenance Lamp Change
None HEPA & Carbon Filter
$364 + $700
Annual Maintenance Labor for each unit (hours) 10 Minute
(annual lamp change)
41 hrs (washing & carbon)
(52 wksx½ hr + 91x10 min)
13 hrs (prefilter cleaning)
(52 wks x ¼ hr)
Annual Maintenance Labor for whole bar (6,000 ft2) 2 hrs
(10 min x 12 units)
492 hrs
(41 hrs x 12 units)
208 hrs
(13 hrs x 16 units)
# units for 6,000 ft2 12 units 12 units 16 units
Cost per unit $1199
(12 units: $14,388)
(12 units: $23,700)
(16 units: $40,480)
Annual Maintenance Cost for each unit (filter/lamp) $299
(annual lamp change)
Carbon: $4,106
($45/ every 4 days)
$1064 (annual)
HEPA:$364 + Carbon:$700
Annual Labor Cost
(all units for 6,000 ft2)
(2 hrs x $10/hr)
(492 hrs x $10/hr)
(208 hrs x $10/hr)
10 yr. cost for 6,000 ft2
(filters/lamps only)
($299 x 12 units x 10 yr)
($4,106 x 12 units x 10 yr)
($1,064 x 16 units x 10 yr)
10 yr. cost for 6,000 ft2
(labor only)
($20 x 10 yr)
($4,920 x 10 yr)
($2,080 x 10 yr)
10 yr. cost for 6,000 ft2
(unit + maintenances + labor)
($14,388 + $35,880 + $200)
Avg. monthly cost over
10 yr. for 6,000 ft2
($50,468 ÷ 120 mos.)
($565,620 ÷ 120 mos.)
($231,520 ÷ 120 mos.)
($565,620 − $50,468)
($231,520 − $50,468)

Our Satisfied Bar Owner Customers

Billiard Hall (Round Rock,TX)

In 2015, owners of a 6,000 sq ft billiard hall were struggling with extreme smoke odor. Their yelp reviews constantly complained about the horrible smoke odor. I visited the bar for the first time for only 45 minutes and my clothes were completely saturated with smoke.

They decided to installed eight CAP5000 unit in two HVAC systems (I recommended 12 units). I called the billiard hall on Sunday to see how well the eight CAP5000 units worked on Friday and Saturday night. An employee responded,"It made a huge difference and it is the first time one can see from one side of the bar to the other."

Yellow Rose Gentleman's Club (Austin,TX)

In 2003, Mike P., owner of the Yellow Rose Gentleman's Club (Austin, TX), was frustrated at the incredible amount of cigarette smoke that occurred in his night club. He spent $14,000 on six very large smoke eaters (TEPCO - which is bankrupt now) that hung down from the ceiling. The large smoke eaters were almost the size of a refrigerator and would pop and crackle almost like a firecracker when it was turned on. Mike also was paying $200 a week ($10,400 a year) to have a maintenance man clean out the internal components of the smoke eater. Mike observed that after one night, the smoke eaters were totally useless.

Mike and a friend visited a local bar and was amazed that there was no odor. He asked the bar owner, "What happened to your bar, there is no odor?" The bar owner replied that Air Fantastic was testing their technology in his bar.

Mike called me and said, "Mark, I need you to come over here as soon as possible, I need your stuff in my club!" I met with Mike and gave him my recommendation. Mike didn't want to go with my plan and wanted to install half of what I recommended. I only agreed to Mike's request with the understanding that if the bar needed more probes that he would agree to buy them. Mike agreed.

We installed the CAP5000 units that Mike ordered. He was really happy with the performance and it made a big difference the in the main area. However, there were no CAP5000 installed in the HVAC systems in the VIP area and it was a bit smoky. Mike ordered three additional units for that area. He had eight 14" probes installed in 7 of the air conditioning units.

The Yellow Rose offers free lunch on Fridays which is usually packed with corporate employees. I visited the club on Friday at lunch time and the air was crystal clear. You could see the dancer way on the other side of the room and there was no trace of smoke or haze. In addition, you could not see any particles in the spot light of this dark bar. The air smelled almost like you were outside in a country meadow.

WashYourAir™ and Germs

WashYourAir™ Testimonials

“First, I would just like to say thank you. My daughter has been sick since we moved here due to allergies. I was spending close to $300 per month in doctors bills. Since having the machine, she has had a complete turn around. No more doctors. My other daughter was born with Respiratory Syncycial Virus (RSV) and has had breathing problems for 11 years. Now with this machine, she can breathe easier and sleep through the night. Thank you Air Fantastic. You save our family’s health.”

Ginger H.

Austin, TX

AF3000 Owner

"The unit is in our kitchen on top the refrigerator. We had fried fish for dinner and the smell was gone almost right away."

Cindy B.

Des Moines, IA

AF3000 Owner