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Air Fantastic Commercial Solutions & Testimonials

Reduction of germs on oil rig near India

In 2010, Mike Welch contacted Air Fantastic from the Transocean Deepwater KG2 oil rig which was anchored in the Indian Ocean. He reported that due to people living in close quarters, illnesses would quickly spread from person to person. They purchased eight CAP5000 and four CAP3000 units and were very satisfied with the results. They continue to use our systems and replaced the lamps in 2013.

Transocean DeepWater KG2 Oil Rig

Formaldehyde & Decomposition Odor

I am writing to update you on our satisfaction with your Air Fantastic AF4000 unit, which we purchased last month. As a forensic pathologist and Medical Examiner, we frequently encounter cases which have very strong odors due to decompositions. In the past we would be able to notice these odors in our main morgue room even with very high air turnover. We installed the unit in the walk in cooler where the bodies are stored and since that time minimal odor is noted even within the cooler itself. Outside the cooler the air is now very pleasant. All of our employees have noted the vastly improved conditions. The unit is compact and highly efficient and takes up virtually no space installed high on a self. Elimination of pathogens such as bacteria will be important to us. The added benefit of reducing atmospheric gases will also be advantage as we utilize formaldehyde on a regular basis and want to minimize our exposer to this potentially dangerous chemical.

Thank you very much for your excellent product. I can obviously attest to its efficacy under the most difficult of situations.

Dr. Schmunk (Polk County Iowa Medical Examiner)

Read Dr. Schmunk Written Testimonial (pdf)

Formaldehyde & Decomposition Odor

Earlier this year we purchased four Air Fantastic 4000 units. At that time, our Funeral Home began to share a common building with our Central Care Center, where the embalming and storage of decedents is handled. With the chemicals and other odors that are associated with that area of our building we were concerned about smells circulating into the Funeral Home side of the building, where members of the public visit. In addition, our building is over 55 years old and had the stale smell of a building that age. For someone that works in the building on a daily basis, the smells described above can become natural and unnoticeable. But, I knew our money had been well spent when some of our client families would tell us how nice our building smelled, which had never happened before. We have been please with the results and would recommend the device for anyone in a similar situation.

Erica Nelson (Sparkman Crane Funeral Home)

Read Sparkman Crane Funeral Home Written Testimonial (pdf)

WashYourAir™ and Germs

WashYourAir™ Testimonials

“First, I would just like to say thank you. My daughter has been sick since we moved here due to allergies. I was spending close to $300 per month in doctors bills. Since having the machine, she has had a complete turn around. No more doctors. My other daughter was born with Respiratory Syncycial Virus (RSV) and has had breathing problems for 11 years. Now with this machine, she can breathe easier and sleep through the night. Thank you Air Fantastic. You save our family’s health.”

Ginger H.

Austin, TX

AF3000 Owner

"The unit is in our kitchen on top the refrigerator. We had fried fish for dinner and the smell was gone almost right away."

Cindy B.

Des Moines, IA

AF3000 Owner