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Green Friendly Technology

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Odor Elimination

-almost any odor!


Air Fantastic's

Whole Home





Indoor Environmental Sanitizers

Filter-Free Whole Home

Particle Elimination

Up to 99%

(Dust, Pollen, Allergen)

* particles fall to the ground

Airborne Microbial

Elimination - up to 99%

(Mold, Fungus, Bacteria)

Sanitizes Surface Bacteria

Up to 80% in 24 hrs.

Natural Formaldehyde &

VOC Reduction

No Disposable filters!

Very Low Power Technology

(only 40 Watts of Power)

Helps reduce symptoms

from Allergies, Asthma, & Respiratory Problems


Why is it Green?

Chemical-Free Odor Elimination:

● Our environmental sanitizers can quickly remove almost any odor naturally without using chemicals.  

● Most plug-in air fresheners, deodorizing sprays, scented candles, and any chemical deodorizers can irritate the lungs and even

   possibly cause cancer.

NOTE: Continuous (i.e. smokers), long-term, or intense level of odors may require stronger unit or longer time to reduce odors.

Very Low Power Usage:

● All of our environmental sanitizers units use approximately 40 Watts of energy from the AFMini (covers 300 sq ft) to the CAP7000

   (covers up to 7,000 sq ft).  

● Most air filtering systems (HEPA) need massive amount of energy to force high volumes of air through their filters.

● Additional HEPA filters installed into the Heating & Air Condition (HVAC) system increases the utility cost since: 1) Blower needs

   to work harder to move air through extra filters; &  2) HVAC has to run longer since air flow is reduce due to extra filters;

Natural Reduction of Dangerous Chemical (Formaldehyde & VOCs)

● Our environmental sanitizers units can quickly remove unhealthy Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) from new paint, carpet,

   furniture, household cleaners, and other chemicals.

● Formaldehyde reduction has been rated by up to 60% in 24 hours and over 90% over longer period of time.

Sanitizes Surface & Airborne Bacteria without Chemicals or Anti-biotic Agents

● Our system naturally break down (oxidizes) surface & airborne bacteria with the same type of process that liquid hydrogen peroxide

   kills bacteria on a wound.

● Our germ fighting process kills bacteria with using chemicals or anti-biotic agents.   Wide spread usage of anti-biotic in medicine,

   farm animals, cleaning agents, and industrial usage has contributed to the mutation of anti-biotic resistant bacteria such as MRSA.

Filter-less Technology: No Disposable Filters

● Our system is totally filter-less and does not use expensive and waste-full disposable filters that can contribute to landfills.

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