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Flood / Basement / Musty Old Building Odors

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● A flood is a Mortal Wound to any building forming millions of mold spores.

● After any flood, seek professional flood remediation and take steps necessary to eliminate or

   prevent structural mold.

● Even after professional remediation has been completed, typically the musty moldy odor still 

   remains that may also contribute to health problems.

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Flood/Basement/Musty Odor

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● Almost all basement have a musty/moldy odor mainly due the increase relative humidity that

   exist since the basement is typically is colder than the rest of the house which promotes

   increased airborne mold & fungus growth.

●  Dehumidifiers help reduce humidity buy generally the unpleasant odor .

●  HEPA air filters, typical air purifiers, and static blade air purifier are useless in reducing odor

    and effectively removing or reducing the main cause of the odor, airborne mold & fungus.

Musty Old Building Odor:

●  Moisture and airborne mold problems had been found to be one of the leading factor in reducint

    the useful service live of any building.

● Over time, tightly insulated building with little ventilation will have a build up on airborne mold

   and fungus due to long term minimal moisture exposure from human and human activity (cook-

   ing, bathing, perspiration).

●  Toxic cleaning agents, chemical deodorizers, and perfumed scented indoors contribute to poor

    indoor air quality and may even be cancer causing.

●  Many frustrated building owners resort to tearing down the commercial building or having to "gut"

    the entire interior to the concrete which can cause millions of dollars.



 Stand-Alone Units





● Air Fantastic machines emits hydroperoxide ions that break down up to 99% of airborne microbial

  (airborne mold, airborne fungus, and bacteria).  W. Texas A&M University.


● Air Fantastic can typically remove musty odors within 72 hours.

● Our ions actually oxidize and break down to eliminate the airborne mold and fungus spores removing

   the source of the odor.



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