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Corporate Wellness Program

Corporate Wellness



● Crowded office environment can increase cross contamination of different illness.


DID YOU KNOW?: A virus is so small (1 micron) that is has no problem staying airborne and is "live"

   for 2 weeks!  If one employee sick with a flu sneezes one time,  he will spray thousands of flu virus in

   the air that can travel up to 50 feet.   The office environment is contaminated for up to two week

   spreading the flu to other employees.


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Most offices are located in large buildings with windows that do not open to the outside.   In

   addition,  even if the windows can open to the outside, the need to remain closed to save on

   heating and air condition utility cost.


● Increased number of employees also add to the poor indoor air quality.  One person sheds up to

   15 lbs. of skin dander per year, sneezes, coughs, and sweats during the day that adds too poor

    indoor air quality.


● Closed up office buildings usually have a higher levels of airborne mold and fungus that can contri-

   bute to decrease in employee's health and productivity.



● Can increase productivity of employees and profitability.


● Help decrease sick time of employees.


● Quickly increase environmentally related health problems not contributed to physical fitness.


●  Help reduce employee to employee spreading of illness


●  If implemented at the office and in the home, it is possible to have drastic reduction of corporate

    health cost that can possible save in millions of dollars


Call Air Fantastic and ask about our Corporate Wellness program.  We offer corporate wellness programs that make our units affordable for work and home.



 Stand-Alone Units

Example of Health Cost Savings


First, I would just like to say thank you.

My daughter has been sick since we moved here due to allergies. I was spending close to $300 per month in doctors bills. Since having the machine, she has had a complete turn around. No more doctors.


My other daughter was born with Respiratory Syncycial Virus (RSV) and has had breathing problems for 11 years. Now with this machine, she can breathe easier and sleep through the night. Thank you Air Fantastic. You save our family’s health.     


                                                                            Ginger H.

                                                                            Austin, Texas

                                                                            AF3000 Owner




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