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Bar & Casino Cigarette Smoke Odor Solution

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Smoke vs. Humans:

● In some industries such as bars & casinos customers are allow to smoke cigarette and cigars

   indoors mainly due to the long history and tradition of smoking at these types of establishments.

● However, this can also drastically reduce profit by turning away non-smoker who find a smoke filled

   environment unacceptable.

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Health problems from second smoke  include allergic reactions, asthma , irritations of the eye,

   nose and throat, infections, sinus congestion, hearth disease, emphysema, lung cancer, and other

   respiratory problems. \


● Cigarette smoke also contains tar which has up to 4000 chemicals including 60 known

   carcinogenic (cancer causing) chemicals.


Cigarettes Smoke Deadly Chemicals: Cyanide, Benzene, Formaldehyde, Methanol (wood

   alcohol), Acetylene (fuel used in welding torches), Ammonia

Cigarettes Smoke Deadly Gases: Nitrogen Oxide and Carbon Monoxide


Traditional Smoke Eaters tend to be ineffective and in some cases useless since they are

   primarily only  trapping some of the physical dust components of cigarette smoke and do not reduce

   the chemical or gas components of the cigarette smoke.

● The best way to prevent dangerous health effects to cigarette smoke is not to allow in indoors.

   However, if this is not possible, Air Fantastic installed in significant quantity can deliver a "virtual

   smoke free environment".



● Air Fantastic machines four ion (quad ion) process has the ability to reduce up to 99% of airborne

   particulates (dust, pollen, particles).  W. Texas A&M University.

● This phenomenon occurs since the particles in the cigarette smoke  are always positively charge

   which keeps it airborne.  The ions produce are negatively charge and the particles are neutralizes

   and fall to the ground. 

● This Crystal Clear Environment was proven at Austin's Yellow Rose Gentlemen's Club in 2003

   which installed eight of our 14" probes.   The bar would be packed with many smokers and the air

   was crystal clear and one could not even see on particle in the bright spot lights for the stage.

Smoke Odor Removal:  Our ion process actually oxidized the harmful chemical and gas

   components of cigarette smoke similar to how Mother Nature cleans smokes outside.  In order,

   to provide an odor free atmosphere from cigarette smoke, the establishment would have to install

   extra probes to totally remove the smoke odor.  Air Fantastic recommends to install additional CAP

   units that can be turned off and on via a switch to hand different smoke levels.

NOTE: Air Fantastic does not in any manner guarantee that introduction of our technology in a

  smoking environment will prevent any long term illnesses.


Commercial HVAC Units


(9 inch cell)



(14 inch cell)



(DUAL 14 inch cell)




Our Satisfied Customers


In 2003, Mike P.

, owner of the Yellow Rose Gentlemen's Club, was frustrated at the incredible amount of cigarette smoke that occurred in his night club.  He spent $14,000 on six very large smoke eaters (TEPCO - which is bankrupt now) that hung down from the ceiling.   The large smoke eaters were almos the size of a refrigerator and would pop and crack almost like a firecracker when it was turned one.   Mike also was paying $200 a week ($10,400 a year) to have a maintenance man clean out the internal components  of the smoke eater.   Mike observed that after one night, the smoke eaters were totally useless.


Mike and a friend visited a local bar and was amazed that there was no odor.  He asked the gar owner, "what happened to your bar, there is no odor?"   The bar owner replied that Air Fantastic placed one of their big commercial machines in his bar. 


Mike called me and said, "Mark, I need you to come over here as soon as possible, I need your stuff in my club!"  I met with Mike and gave him my recommendation.   Mike didn't want to go with my plan and wanted to install half of what I recommended.   I only agreed to Mike's request with the understanding that if the bar needed more probes that he would agree to buy them.   Mike agreed.


We first installed the units Mike ordered and he was really happy with the performance and order additional units until he had eight 14" probes installed with his 7 air conditioning units.

The Yellow Rose offers free lunch on Fridays which is usually packed with corporate employees.  I visited the club on Friday at lunch time and the air was crystal clear.  You could see the dancer way on the other side of the room and there was no trace of smoke or haze.  In addition, you could not see any particles in the spot light of this dark bar.  The air smelled almost like you were outside in a country meadow. 

NOTE: In order to have continuous no smoke odor, additional probes need to be installed.



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