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Chemical-Free Odor Removal

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Avoid Chemical Deodorizers !!

(may cause cancer)

Problem: Chemical Deodorizers:

● Chemical deodorizers such as plug-ins, oils base, scented candles, chemical aerosol sprays,

   scented cleaning detergents don't remove the odor, but only mask the odor with perfume.

● Many of these chemical based deodorizers have been shown to cause cancer and only contribute

   to increase poor air quality.

● Natural based deodorizers are more healthy than chemical base ones but still only cover up or mask

   any odor.  The odor still remains but is "perfumed" to be more acceptable..

Other Applications:

Any ODOR Removal

After Mold Clean-up Solution

Allergy Relief

Bar/Casino Smoke Solution

Chronic Sinusitis

Corporate Wellness

Flood/Basement/Musty Odor

Formaldehyde/ FEMA Trailers

Real Estate Solution

Sudden Infant Death



Musty Basements (Mold):

● Almost all basement have a musty/moldy odor mainly due the increase relative humidity that

   exist since the basement is typically is colder than the rest of the house which promotes

   increased airborne mold & fungus growth.

●  Dehumidifiers help reduce humidity buy generally the unpleasant odor .

●  HEPA air filters, typical air purifiers, and static blade air purifier are useless in reducing odor

    and effectively removing or reducing the main cause of the odor, airborne mold & fungus.


● Air Fantastic four ions actually break down the odor through a natural oxidizing process.

● Oxidation is the same process that occurs naturally to remove odors outside.

● As soon as the machine is turned on, the odor begin to disappear and there is a fresh clean

   un-perfumed odor.

● Long term odors (i.e.old home), continuous odors (i.e. cigarette smokers, multiple pets),  or extreme  

   odors may need  more powerful unit or multiple units to remove odors or will take longer time.


 Stand-Alone Units



● Permanently eliminates ALL ODORS including:

Cat urine        Human urine             Cigarette/cigar smoke    All pet odors

Dead rat         Musty/mold odors     Old building smell           Paint fume

Dead body     New carpet fume      Flood related odor           Ethnic food

VOCs              Fire related odor      New house chemical odor




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