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Allergy Relief (Pollen, Allergen, Dust, Mold, Fungus)

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Pollen trapped in Sinus

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● Pollen and allergen levels have been increasing every year worldwide which might be due to global

   warming .

● Allergy is a disorder of the immune system often also referred to atop.


● Mild allergies such as hayfever is very common and has symptoms such as allergic conjunctivitis,

   itchness, and runny nose. 


● Allergies can be a major role in conditions such as asthma which can be life threatening.

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● Pollen, dust, dander, allergen stay airborne due to positive static energy.  Particles that are 3 micron

   and less can stay airborne more easily. (i.e. cross section of hair is typically 75 microns).


●  Only when the air becomes too saturated with particles do they start to fall to the ground.  At the

    saturation point the air can not hold any more particle and they fall to the ground

●  HEPA filters (paper filter), typical air purifiers, and static blade air purifier can only treat a small area

    typically only 500 sq. ft. In some cases, bacteria, mold and fungus spores are trapped inside the

    machine and can even become a breeding ground.



● Air Fantastic machines emits negative charged ions that can reduce up to 99% of airborne

   particulates (pollen, dust, allergen, dander) YES! Up to 99%! . The negative ions neutralizes  the

   positively charge particles and they fall down to the ground.  The phenomenon can be witness when

   our technology is correctly installed in a smoky bar. W. Texas A&M University.


● Air Fantastic machines emits hydroperoxide ions that break down up to 99% of airborne microbial

  (airborne mold, airborne fungus, and bacteria).  W. Texas A&M University.


● Air Fantastic can typically reduce particles within 72 hours.

● Our systems can help reduce or even eliminate symptoms to allergy from pollen, mold, and

   fungus without using medication that can have side effects.


 Stand-Alone Units






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