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After Mold Remediation Odor Removal

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Structural Mold

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Airborne Mold

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Structure Mold vs. Airborne Mold:

Airborne mold and fungus occurs in nature all over the world and are microscopic spores that float

   in the air and is not visible to the naked eye.

Health problems to mold spores include allergic reactions, asthma , irritations of the eye, nose and

   throat, infections, sinus congestion, and other respiratory problems. (wikipedia)

Structural  mold is usually caused by a water accident such as flood, burst water pipe, massive

   roof leak or water run over that has saturated in the building's interior and has over time visible

● Structural mold within a building must be treated by a professional mold remediation to have the

   affected structure removed and remediated.  However, in many cases even after remediation the

   terrible mold odor remains and the indoor air qualify might still be compromised.

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● Almost all basement have a musty/moldy odor mainly due the increase relative humidity that

   exist since the basement is typically is colder than the rest of the house which promotes

   increased airborne mold & fungus growth.

●  Dehumidifiers help reduce humidity buy generally the unpleasant odor .

●  HEPA air filters, typical air purifiers, and static blade air purifier are useless in reducing odor

    and effectively removing or reducing the main cause of the odor, airborne mold & fungus.


● Air Fantastic machines emits hydroperoxide ions that break down up to 99% of airborne microbial

  (airborne mold, airborne fungus, and bacteria).  W. Texas A&M University.

● Air Fantastic's machines can quickly get rid of the residual or strong moldy/musty odor in almost

   72 hours.

● it is recommend to use are machines 24 hours a day 365 mold to offer protection from airborne mold.  

● NOTE: Structural mold needs to be physically removed from the building using a professional mold

   remediation company.  Our ion process helps reduce the mold spores in the air but will not make

   structural mold disappear.


 Stand-Alone Units



Our Satisfied Customers


Scott owned a beautiful rental home close to the lake that had terrible musty odors for three years.  He tried everything to get rid of the odor for his tenant.    He hired a Mold Restoration company that removed parts of the flooring which was thought to be the main problem.  He even completely replace both Heating & Air Conditioning system and even replaced all the duct work through out the entire home.   His handyman suggest calling Air Fantastic.   Air Fantastic quickly and accurately determined that the musty odor came from airborne mold that was entering the home since part of the home was situated over a hill that was enclosed underneath.    Air Fantastic installed a CAP3000 in each of the two A/C system.  The odor was gone in 24 hours and in 72 hours the home smelled like a new home. 


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Scott Joslove 



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